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From the Belleville Times.

From the Belleville Times.

Have you ever seen a blind man walking with a cane and wondered what he could do with his life?  A longtime Belleville resident has been answering that question with one remarkable accomplishment after another for many years.  I met David DeNotaris when he entered my fourth grade classroom at School Ten, 23 years ago.  He had excellent math skills, a great imagination, an infectious laugh, and Retinitis Pigmentosa which had been stealing his sight since birth.

Now totally blind, David is a husband and father of two, works full time as a Technology Services Specialist, appears at schools and organizations as a motivational speaker, and has recently written his first book: Feeling Your Way Through Life.  The book is an uplifting combination of stories of his life, his amazingly positive philosophy, and tips on how to overcome obstacles and live your dreams. A product of the Belleville Public Schools, David DeNotaris is a true success story.

Genevieve Petrillo

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